4 tips for reducing plastic use on Bonaire

4 tips for reducing plastic use on Bonaire

Recently the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management has signed an agreement in which Saba, Sint Eustatius and Bonaire agree to ban the use of disposable plastics. By 2021 at the latest, the three islands want to stop using so-called single-use plastic, such as cups and straws. These products can sometimes take up to 500 years to decay. Moreover, it often ends up in the sea where it damages our beloved marine life (we all know the horrible pictures of turtles entangled in plastic).

As fanatic divers and lovers of the underwater world, we can only support this decision. WAY TO GO, BONAIRE! Do you want to make a contribution towards keeping the island clean and preventing the expansion of the plastic soup before 2021? Then read these tips for reducing your plastic use on Bonaire.

Tip 1. Drink tap water

For centuries, the inhabitants of Bonaire only used rain and well water for their daily consumption. Due to the growing population, a scarcity of well water arose in the 1960s. Since then, drinking water on the island has been extracted from seawater. The sustainable technology with which the water is filtered produces extremely pure (and delicious!) Water. So do not buy bottles of water, but drink it directly from the tap. Are you going out? Then fill a thermo-water bottle and it will stay cold too. Very handy with these tropical temperatures.

Kraanwater Bonaire
Boodschappentas Bonaire

Tip 2. Use a reusable shopping bag

A plastic bag is only used for an average of 12 minutes. Then the bag is thrown away, after which it takes hundreds of years to decay. That can be done differently, right? Certainly! More and more people are bringing a reusable shopping bag. Nowadays you have them in all colors, materials and shapes. Place one in your rental car from AB Car Rental during your vacation, so you always have one at hand. After all, you never know when it will come in handy.

Tip 3. Be aware in hotels and restaurants

Nothing as nice as ending your vacation day on Bonaire with a cocktail in hand (also read our 5 tips for the best hotspots on Bonaire to enjoy a sunset cocktail). Most cocktails are beautifully decorated with umbrellas and fresh fruit, but is that straw really necessary? For sure not! Order your cocktail without a straw and enjoy both your drink and your contribution to reducing the use of plastic at the bar. Another tip: at different beach bars you get a cup of ice with a can of drink. Ask for a glass or, if impossible, to omit the cup.

Cocktail zonder rietje Bonaire
Dankbare natuur Bonaire

Tip 4. Involve your fellow travelers

The more people are aware of their plastic use and the possibilities for reducing it, the better! Involve your fellow travelers in your goals. Bonaire and its nature are grateful!

Did you know that AB-Dive and AB Car Rental also contribute to the sustainability of Bonaire? Both companies went completely off grid and they generate their electricity with 440 solar panels. This way your dive tanks will be filled 100% sustainably. And in addition to that your rental car will be cleaned with recycled rainwater and maintained on solar power. Yet another sustainable choice during your vacation!

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