Taste the Caribbean takeaway culture on Bonaire: 6 tips

Taste the Caribbean takeaway culture on Bonaire: 6 tips

Taste the Caribbean takeaway culture on Bonaire: 6 tips

Say Bonaire, then you say Caribbean. Say Caribbean, then you say: Food Take-away! In the Caribbean, food take-away is very common and culturally ingrained. You see many people walking around with white meal trays filled with the tastiest local dishes. Originating from food trucks, backyards and sometimes from mobile barbecues. Often, these places fall under the collective name 'snèk' . There is a lot to discover!

So: when you don't feel like cooking, nor dining in a restaurant? Food takeaway is your solution! Enjoy your meal in your own accommodation, or while watching the sun set in the sea, whilst sitting on a bench on the boulevard. You can also arrange a nice picnic in nature, or dine in the trunk of your pickup on the coral beach, overlooking the sea!

What do we consider to be the 6 tastiest takeaway-meals on Bonaire? We are happy to share them with you, in random order because: tastes differ!

Holy Smoke: Smokin 'Good Barbecue

The huge, black barbeque located in the middle of a residential area is an impressive scene in itself. The ribs that are served here are so popular that they are almost always sold out! You can reserve your portion in advance so that you’re assured of a great meal.

In addition to ribs, they serve other delicious grilled dishes, such as chicken legs and turkey drumsticks. And when it comes to ‘smoke’: certainly try the smoked corn, a very special taste explosion!

  • Where? Kaya Ir Statius from EPS 17.
  • Opening hours and other details: https://www.facebook.com/holysmokebonaire/

Dad Smurf's: Lebanese snacks and pizza!

You may not immediately have a vivid image when it comes to Lebanese food. Papa Smurf's serves the most delicious Lebanese snacks and... you can also get crazy tasty pizzas at this fancy-looking foodtruck.


So what exactly are Lebanese snacks? It’s mainly different types of sandwiches, wraps and pitas that are filled with delicious spiced meat, cheese and vegetables. Some of these snacks are quite large, you’ll have a meal for 2 people out of it! 

In addition to these delicious dishes, Papa Smurf’s serves a special dish every day. From Fatiras to tuna burgers: there is always something new to discover.

  • Where? Kaya Grandi 76, Kralendijk.
  • Opening hours and other details: https://www.facebook.com/papasMurfonaire

Bobbejan's BBQ: well-clogged barbeque pearl

Close to the center of Kralendijk, a bit hidden in a side street, you will find the delicious barbecue of Bobbejan. The spare ribs you’ll find here are of unparalleled quality! The chicken dishes are also delicious.

You can take a seat on the terrace in the garden, or you opt for takeaway and walk 50 meters to settle on a bench to look out over the water towards Klein Bonaire.

  • Where? Kaya Albert Engelhardt 2, Kralendijk.
  • Opening hours and other details: https://www.facebook.com/bonairebq

Stoked Foods Bonaire: Burgers with spectacular views

You won’t find a red double-decker bus anywhere in the world that overlooks the blueest water while enjoying a very special hamburger with spicy mango sauce, or feta, or blue cheese. The burgers are made from Canadian beef and are baked with a lot of love and attention. You taste that!

Merge to the setting sun over the bay for Kralendijk while enjoying a delicious hamburger or wrap. You will find this bus on the popular beach in Amo. The perfect place to keep a delicious dinner at the back of the pickup.

  • Where? In the parking lot at the beach in Amo.
  • Opening hours and other details: https://www.facebook.com/epicfoodsbonaire

Ling's Kitchen: amazing Babi Pangang

Sometimes you just feel like having a proper Babi Pangang. And that's exactly what you can take away at Ling's Kitchen in Kralendijk! Their menu offers a lot of choice, the prices are sharp, just like the sambal that you can optionally order.

If you do not have a big appetite, then you could enjoy one meal with 2 persons. 

  • Where? Hanchi Amboina 31, Kralendijk.
  • Opening hours and other details: https://www.facebook.com/lingskitchen1

Indian living room surprise!

It will take a little search to find this hidden kitchen, located in the middle of a residential area, without any clear mention of the venue. But it's worth to search. This Indian family rocks the Indian kitchen, and for only $13.50 per person you’ll enjoy delicious curries, freshly baked naan bread and extraordinary snacks.

The food is neatly packaged in trays that will maintain the food’s temperature , so you are assured of a nice hot meal. Ordering a meal goes by phone, and it takes roughly one hour before your meal is ready for you.

  • Where? Kaya Luna 9, Belnem. If you can't find it, call the owner.
  • Opening hours and other details: https://www.facebook.com/indian-food-111842157315221/, telephone number: +59996619959

What else can you do whilst on vacation on Bonaire?

Would you like to be active after a delicious meal? Or do you wonder what you can do on your vacation on Bonaire? View our 10 tips for doing fun things on Bonaire later on (still writing that one).

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