What is the weather like on Bonaire?

What is the weather like on Bonaire?

What is the weather like on Bonaire?

Don't be fooled by weather apps or websites with cloudy predictions. They often show low scores and menacing emoticons of clouds and wind. But in fact it is always lovely weather!

The Caribbean island can be considered very sunny with around nine hours of sunshine a day. Trust us when we say that the frequent white clouds come as a pleasant surprice! Another welcoming cooling is the constant trade winds from the east. It blows all day long. Sometimes a bit stronger (30+ knots) and sometimes a little less (10-knots). This wind brings (in addition to the tropical rustling sound of palm leaves) a pleasant cooling. This makes the climate on Bonaire one of the mildest in the Caribbean.

The average temperature is in the mid-eighties (30ºC) all year round and the water temperature averages around 80ºF (27ºC) – warm enough for many to dive without a wet suit! Although the differences are not big during the year, you can roughly divide the year into two periods:

passaatwind bonaire
Groen bonaire

November until April

If you ask us this is the best time to visit the island! The "rainy season" starts mid-October. We put it in quotation marks because the amount of rain during this season cannot be compared to a rainy season in Asia, or, for that matter, an average fall in Europe :). There is just enough rain during this period to call it an official wet period. The peak of this season is in November and December. The rainy season has already come to an end in January, but we are still benefiting from the cooler temperatures of, hold on, 85ºF (29ºC). At nights it can cool down to 77ºF (25ºC). If you visit Bonaire for windsurfing or kite boarding, keep in mind that in November and December the wind may drop at times. In that case it is better to visit us in February or March!

May - October

Bonaire is outside the "Hurricane belt": the area where hurricanes pass by from June to November. Fortunately the hurricanes have no direct impact on the island, but indirectly they do influence the weather on Bonaire. For example, a hurricane or tropical storm in the Upper Antilles can cause the wind to be "pulled away". On those days the wind chill is a lot less than normal. Especially in September it can be very hot. On the other hand, you can dive on the pristine east coast in windless days. An experience for every avid diver!

All in all we can say that there is no bad time to visit Bonaire. Ignore those weather apps, drop by and experience it for yourself!

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