About Bonaire

A surfing and diving paradise!

Shore diving! No endless boat rides!

The Island is very accessible by self-driving a car around and in many places you can do a beautiful shore-dive straight from the beaches. The closeness of the reefs means that the sea surrounding the tropical island is also ideal for snorkelling. You can rent scuba gear in many places around te Island and having a rental car allows you to move around freely.

Warm waterstarts!

There is always a slight breeze on the island, making it very comfortable even when it's hot, but usually the winds are strong enough for windsurfers and kitesufers to enjoy the warm waters. The shallow shores make it very suitable for both beginners and advanced surfers to enjoy their sports.

Birdwatching and Flamingo's

Bonaire is the home of over 200 species of exotic birds, in the categories of sea birds, shore birds and land birds. Did you know that Bonaire is one of only four places in the world where the Caribbean Flamingo's breed! Bonaire is one of them and they can be seen at both the Pekelmeer Sanctuary to the south, where the birds flock around the salt ponds, and at Lake Gotomeer, in Washington Slagbaai National Park in the north. Be careful though, you must keep your distance when watching them, so make sure you bring binoculars at all time! More information on bird watching can be found here: www.geographia.com/bonaire