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AB Car Rental on Bonaire has been in car rental business for 35 years and is the ideal choice for car rental on the island. With our excellent service, competitive prices, and offering a full coverage plan we do provide peace of mind during your adventure. But there's more! In addition to our car rentals, we have a dive school with experienced dive instructors for courses and a convenient drive-through for unlimited air packages. We also offer electric scooters and electric fat bikes, allowing you to explore the island in an environmentally friendly way. Choose AB Car Rental and make your stay on Bonaire complete


Step 1: A warm welcome to 440 solar panels

AB Car Rental, AB-Dive, and AB Scooter Rental on Bonaire are pioneers in sustainability. With a 440 solar panels, our installation is one of the largest on the island. Since 2007, we have been operating entirely on solar energy, including the filling of dive tanks. In the coming years, the solar panel park will be further expanded to enable to charge electric cars with solar energy. At AB, you do not only enjoy high-quality services but also a green and environmentally friendly experience.

AB Car Rental draait volledig op zonnepanelen en wast haar auto’s met gefilterd regenwater.

Step 2: Bye-bye plastic

Plastic litter: yuck! If there’s one thing that annoys us diving enthusiasts, it’s the plastic soup in the sea. We have said goodbye and good riddance to ‘single use’ plastic like disposable cutlery, cups and bottles. Instead, we use biodegradable ‘ecocups’ made from corn and we store tap water in jugs. Every little helps!

Step 4: Providing our customers with the very best service

Enjoy your vacation and join our sustainable approach by booking your rental car with AB Car Rental. We strive to provide you with the best service and alleviate all your worries. Upon arrival at the airport, our free taxi service will be ready to take you to our office, where you will receive the car key promptly.

With our Full Coverage Plan, you do not have to worry about damages or defects to the rental car. Your deposit and deductible is US0,00.  We cover these costs for you. In the event of a breakdown, we ensure that you are quickly back on the road in another rental car. All of this without any unexpected charges or additional invoices.

At AB Car Rental, our goal is to provide you with ultimate customer satisfaction. Book your rental car with us now and enjoy a carefree and enjoyable vacation.

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