E-scooter rental Bonaire


✅ Charging the battery takes 2 hours
✅ 50 km range
✅ 40 km/u


Why Electric Scooter


✅ No fuel costs, unlimited free battery swaps
✅ E-scooter rental includes helmet and lock
✅ No waiting in line at the gas pump

✅ $0.00 deductible & deposit with 'Full Coverage Plan'
✅ Free pick-up and drop-off service

Benefits of Electric versus Combustion Engine Scooter:


✅ Environmentally Friendly: Electric scooters produce no harmful exhaust emissions, contributing to reduced air pollution.
✅ Low Noise: Electric scooters are quiet compared to combustion engine scooters.
✅ Cost-Effective: Electricity is cheaper than fuel, and there's no need to wait in line at the gas pump.
✅ Smooth and Quiet Riding Experience: Electric scooters provide a smooth and quiet ride due to the direct drive of the electric motor, offering a comfortable and relaxed journey.
✅ Quick Acceleration: Electric scooters have a direct and powerful acceleration compared to a combustion engine scooter.

A perfect deal


The ultimate vacation is about visiting as many unique places as possible. Having your own transportation is a must. Our E-scooters provide enough space for 2 people.

Our E-scooters are among the cheapest on the island. We generate our own energy with solar panels, making us independent of the grid. This way, you save money on your E-scooter for other activities on the island.

E-scooter incl helmet and lock

With the rental of an E-scooter, the helmet and lock are included in the price. Are you two people? No problem, we provide two helmets at no extra cost.

Go worry-free with our "Full Coverage Plan." $0.00 deductible and deposit, including free roadside assistance, theft insurance, and no additional costs for damages, all for just USD 8 per day.

With a full battery, you can ride 50 km

With a full battery, you can drive around a large part of the island. You can easily recharge the battery at your accommodation or exchange it with us for a fully charged one. It's that convenient!


Open 7 days a week

Openings hours:
Monday - Friday from 7AM to 8PM.
Saturday from 7AM to 9PM
Sunday from 7AM to 8PM

You can pick up and return the car outside office hours
Tel: +599-7178980
WhatsApp: +599-7867337
Kaya Industria 31, Kralendijk, Bonaire