Discover Bonaire with a pick-up truck

Discover Bonaire with a pick-up truck

Discover Bonaire with a pick-up truck

Did you know that the most rented car on Bonaire is a pick-up? Why? Bonaire is known for its beautiful underwater world and a pick-up is the ideal way to transport your diving equipment. Moreover, the roads on Bonaire are not completely without podholes everywhere, but with a pick-up you will not experience any inconvenience. On the island there are also a number of places that are a must see but where you are not allowed to drive with a small car. And let's face it, a week's drive with a pick-up is just really cool, right ?! TravelHunter is sharing their experiences with AB Car Rental.

100% at ease with the Full Coverage Plan

100% at ease

In the summer of 2020 we flew to the tropical island of Bonaire and went there with a “Double Cabin Pick Up Deluxe”. We found the great advantage of AB Car Rental that you can opt for an all-risk insurance without a deductible. What could be more annoying than worrying about getting a bill from the car rental company during your vacation ?!

On arrival at the airport someone was promptly waiting with a sign with our name written on it and it was a matter of 5 minutes explanation and we could leave. At the end of the vacation, refuel the car, put the key in the glove compartment and close the car. That's it! An inspection of the car was not even necessary, because you have no deductible.

Explore the island

To explore Bonaire, a pick-up from AB Car Rental is ideal! For example, go for snorkeling or diving, go to the national park or ride a tour around the donkey sanctuary.

Scuba Diving
A pick-up is ideal for diving enthusiasts! Firstly, you can move around with all your diving gear. There is plenty of space and there is a tank rack in the cargo bed, so that the tanks do not roll. Secondly, you can easily get everywhere and park your pick-up without having to worry about getting stuck.

Explore the island
Our pick-up in Washington Slagbaai

National Park Washington Slagbaai

Washington Slagbaai National Park is a nature reserve of no less than 6,000 hectares and is a real must-see during your vacation on Bonaire. You can walk around here or go mountain biking, but the most comfortable way is to explore the park by car. Due to the unpaved roads in the park, you must have a jeep or pick-up for this. You then drive between the cacti and can make various photo stops or snorkeling stops. A fun day out that is very comfortable with a pick-up!

Donkey Sanctuary

Also a must do on Bonaire is a visit to the Donkey Sanctuary. More than 600 donkeys are waiting for you at this donkey sanctuary. Just like at Washington Slagbaai National Park you can walk through this, but a pick-up is also very comfortable here. Buy a bowl of grass chunks at the entrance so you can feed your friends during your visit.

Feeding the donkeys from our tailgate
Niet drinken en rijden

Make your Instagram pick-up picture

Provided you don't live on Bonaire, you probably won't drive a pick-up very often. This makes it quite an experience in itself and of course an Instagram picture has to be posted! Whether you go for a view over the sea, a ride through Washington Slagbaai or an afternoon Donkey Sanctuary, in all these places you can take great pictures of you standing or sitting in the back for example. A nice keepsake as remembrance!

All in all, our “Jac”, as we called the pick-up and also the make of the car, was our best friend during our trip. He was there for us all week and took us everywhere! An absolute must if you come to Bonaire!

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