The benefits of a Full Coverage Plan

The benefits of a Full Coverage Plan

$0.00 Zero Deductible and Deposit: With the Full Coverage Plan, you don't have to worry about any damage to the vehicle. The plan covers all damages, and there is no deductible. This means that if anything happens, you won't have to pay any extra costs.

No Inspection on Pickup and Return: The Full Coverage Plan makes the pickup and return process hassle-free. There is no extensive inspection procedure during pickup or return, saving you valuable time and getting you on the road faster.

Theft Protection: The Full Coverage Plan also provides coverage against theft of the vehicle. While theft is fortunately rare in Bonaire, it's reassuring to know that you are protected in the unlikely event it occurs.
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Free Roadcall service for Breakdowns and Flat Tires: If you experience a breakdown or flat tire during your rental, the Full Coverage Plan includes free roadside assistance. This means you can rely on help and assistance to get back on the road quickly.

Key Loss Protection: In the event of losing the rental car key, the Full Coverage Plan also provides coverage for key replacement. You don't have to worry about the costs of key replacement.


Full Cleaning of the Vehicle: When returning the rental car, it will be fully cleaned. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on enjoying your vacation until the very last moment.

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With the Full Coverage Plan from AB Car Rental, you can enjoy your vacation on Bonaire without any worries about potential costs or risks if something happens during your rental. It offers comprehensive coverage, including damage, theft, roadside assistance, and key loss protection. This way, you can relax and fully enjoy your vacation on Bonaire, knowing that you are well protected.

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