The benefits of a Full Coverage Plan

The benefits of a Full Coverage Plan

There is nothing more annoying than a scratch on your rental car and thus closing your holiday with a lot of hassle and high bills. With our knowledge gained in 35 years of car rental, we have put together a package in which we cover everything that you as a tenant may encounter. We call this the Full Coverage Plan. Completely carefree driving on Bonaire, what does that look like?

All damage covered

Is there a dent caused by a jumping pebble? Or do you have a scratch in the paint because someone throws his door open against your parked car? No problem, with the Full Coverage Plan all damage is covered.

No security deposit

All damage? Yes, ALL damage! Therefore it is not necessary to leave a deposit. You pay a fixed amount of $ 8 per day and you are fully covered. You do not have to walk around the car when you receive it, looking for scratches or dents. You get the keys and drive. Your holiday can start immediately!

Car damage
Lost key

24/7 Road Service

Out of enthusiasm and novelty on our roads you drive a little too fast through a pothole. Can happen, but annoying that you end up with a flat tire along the road. Do not squeeze under your car in difficult turns to change the tire. Way too hot for that! Just call our 24/7 number and you will be on your way again in no time. Our Road Service solves minor problems immediately. Is it a bigger problem? Then the car will be towed away and you will immediately receive another rental car. Without unforeseen costs or extra invoices.

Lost or stolen key

You may think: that is not going to happen to me. But trust us, you won't be the first to lose your key in the ultimate vacation mode. Or it may be stolen in an unguarded moment. Very annoying, but it does happen. A costly affair because all locks have to be replaced. Fortunately, that is not your concern with the Full Coverage Plan!

Additional driver

Do you want to alternate with driving? Which can! An additional driver is included in the Full Coverage Plan.


A rental car gets dirty quickly due to all the tropical activities the island has to offer. We understand better than anyone that you want to enjoy our beautiful Bonaire to the fullest! With the Full Coverage Plan we make your car spick and span again after it has been returned. If you don't have to spend your last vacation afternoon at the Car Wash, that's a nice idea.

AB Car wash

From the moment you step off the plane, your vacation can begin. We will pick you up from the airport for free, take you to our office and give you the car key. You no longer worry about scratches or defects and spend your holiday on holiday instead of cleaning! Just as you intended. Discover the service of AB Car Rental. Discover the benefits of a Full Coverage Plan.

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