Four tips to help you find the right diving school on Bonaire

Discover colourful fish, explore old shipwrecks and be amazed during your diving holiday on Bonaire. Believe us – it's an experience you'll never forget. Finding the right diving school on Bonaire is vitally important for ensuring that your trip to the island is unique, carefree and safe. The following four tips will help you make the best choice.

Tip 1: Choose your diving experience

There are two types of diving schools on Bonaire. People who are looking for freedom, unique diving locations and an unforgettable personal experience choose a diving school that offers unlimited breathing air for hours of underwater enjoyment. The Dutch diving school AB-Dive on the island offers this type of service. You drive around the island with all your diving equipment stopping close to breathtakingly beautiful underwater locations that you are free to choose yourself. Visit Karpata in the morning and go diving at Zoutpier in the afternoon. It’s your choice!

Diving with a group

If you would prefer to be accompanied instead of going on an underwater adventure on your own, you should go to one of the diving schools or resorts in Kralendijk where you can book a boat trip and go with a group to a well-known diving site. All the equipment you need is already stowed on deck so that you do not have to worry about anything. The biggest drawback? You cannot choose the sites that you want to go to.

Duikers op Bonaire

Tip 2: Pay attention to the diving gear

Diving equipment has to be in top condition, which is why AB-Dive regularly services its sets and replaces them every two years. Make sure the dive shop you choose also regularly checks and changes its equipment. Don’t just believe what people say! Checking the reviews left behind by previous customers is a quick and easy way of finding out what condition the gear is in.

Do you want to take a diving course on Bonaire and get your PADI certificate? Don’t waste precious holiday time!

Get your diving certificate on Bonaire. Diving courses usually take 3.5 days, but they can be done more quickly at AB-Dive. Book your diving holiday now and start taking our online theory lessons at home sitting comfortably on the couch. It will save you a whole day of classes. Once you are on Bonaire, you can learn the necessary practical diving skills in 2.5 days and get your PADI certificate without wasting a second of your wonderful holiday.

Tip 4: Rent a car

Make your diving holiday complete with your own rental car. Bonaire does not have any public transport and the few taxis on the island are often fully booked. It would certainly be a shame if you missed seeing any of the local beauty spots because you do not have transport. You can usually rent a car at the same time as booking a diving shop or school.

AB Car Rental’s special Dive & Drive deal is a way to do this for an extra low price. Get a 10% discount on your rental car when you book a diving adventure, lessons or unlimited breathing air. You will also be able to take advantage of our free collection and return service.

Go for the full experience and book your diving trip at a discount.

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